October 31st 2023

Reflecting on ‘Let the Music Play’ Consultations across Liverpool City Region

The LCR Music Board would like to extend its sincere gratitude to all those who participated and contributed to the comprehensive series of ‘Let the Music Play’ consultation events, each uniquely tailored to the six boroughs in our vibrant city region.

For a detailed overview of each event, including the core opportunities and challenges affecting the music ecosystems of our diverse boroughs, explore the links below:

Recently, members of the Music Board gathered to delve into the insights collected from these consultations, ensuring that our current priorities remain aligned with the evolving needs of the music sector across our expansive city region.

Kevin McManus, Head of UNESCO City of Music for Liverpool, said: “While it’s evident that each borough presents a unique landscape with its distinct concerns and constraints, it’s equally clear that there are opportunities for improvement that can be harnessed across the entire city region.

“Furthermore, these consultations highlighted various successful projects and organisations thriving in each of the boroughs. Thus, our intent is to foster collaborative working relationships and opportunities for the music organisations and individuals across the city region to share knowledge and learn from one another.”

Key recurring themes emerging from these consultations encompass:

Talent Development: Discussions revolved around education, skills, careers, and the showcasing of local talent. Nurturing the musical talents within our city region remains a pivotal goal.

Infrastructure Challenges: Identifying the need for venues of specific sizes and capacities, grappling with planning issues, and mitigating noise-related concerns around venues. Additionally, addressing transportation hurdles, especially the absence of late-night public transport, became a focal point.

Networking and Knowledge Sharing: Recognising the value of networking, knowledge sharing, and advocating for more comprehensive support and guidance for businesses and professionals within the music sector.

As we move forward, the insights gained from these consultations will serve as a compass, guiding the Music Board in its mission to invigorate the music scene and bolster the collective success of our city region.

The Music Board is gearing up to host follow-up sessions which will focus on the specific priorities that were highlighted during these consultations.  We are also planning to pilot business support sessions in the Boroughs. It is likely that these sessions will involve confidential initial information, advice and guidance sessions for new or existing music related businesses which would serve as a pathway to further support where appropriate.

Stay tuned for updates on our website. If you have questions or insights to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We value your input!